You Deserve

A retreat.

A release into You.

An immersion in interconnectedness and harmony.

Everything is vibration. Our retreats are sacred spaces of community, openness and expanding love. Together we experience how our vibration can be a simple pathway to a life of bliss, deeper connections in our relationships, and great honoring of ourselves.

Our retreats center around music, resonance, and singing, using these and other experiences to align with the greatest version of ourselves. Spark Retreats feature creating an original song together as a group, using the process to develop our authentic voices and spark our greatest joy. Inner Radiance Retreats feature yoga and other forms of gentle movement combined with music and meditation to cultivate the experience of full inner radiance.


Upcoming Retreats


Leading retreats is one of our favorite things to do.

In fact we envision building the “Expansion Center” for retreats and other highly vibrating events in a breathtaking natural setting one day very soon. Please enjoy visioning this with us to its fullest glory! Until then if you are interested in hosting one of our retreats or a workshop please click here for more details.


  • What a delight!! Sam and Luci created magic and miracles - and we came along for the ride!! I grew up in a very musical family - and this weekend reminded me once again of how sound and music creates beauty and joy in my soul. YES! YES! YES! - JULIE

  • I'm sure we are all in agreement that the retreat was an amazing experience. What I didn't expect was the lingering emotion of exploding JOY!! This joy hasn't left my being yet!! I love you both and love the opportunity that you gave us all to know one another on a new level. You both have something wonderful and oh so special. NOW I FLY!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you♡ - CAROLYN

  • What a totally amazing weekend! I am still vibrating with the of joy of my experience. This weekend I loved the feeling of our group becoming one, joining together in love, joy, sharing and creativity. I loved remembering to treat my every moment with reverence - every little thing - even fixing my spaghetti last night! As someone who has always been afraid to use my voice, this experience opened my heart, allowed me to let go of fear and especially reminded me to do things I love. In describing my experience, I would tell friends that if they want to feel that they can be more than they ever imagined they should immerse themselves in this beautiful experience of music, sharing, healing and community & they will find their joy! - JUNE

  • I loved how Sam and Luci created a sacred space for all of us to enjoy and experience! Very gratifying group activities allowed us the opportunity to get to know one another by getting us out of our comfort zones to share meaningful life experiences, knowing each of us was supported by one another. The ceremonial, instrumental and vocal vibrations, set the tone for our departure from one another. This gave me the feeling of being continually connected to everyone. Co-creating our song was a spiritual awakening! Phenomenal Experience to share thoughts, feelings and ideas, arranging them into lyrics with musical accompaniment! The Spark Music Retreat will unleash your creative spirit, allowing you to get in touch with your inner voice and share in the process of co-creating a song with an inspiring message that will change your life and the lives of others. Thank you. This joyful event for me was Life Changing. - CECILY

  • Thanks so much for the amazing retreat. The inspirational exercises, heartfelt sharing, creative energy, loving messages, lovely meditations and sound bathing were all soothing to the soul. My heart expanded and I grew wings I didn't realize were waiting to be unfurled! You are doing what you are meant to do, and those of us who took part in this Spark Retreat, sharing divine connectedness, are so blessed by you and your beautiful Spirit. Thanks so much! Still basking in the joy! - DEBBI

  • This weekend retreat refueled me. The music gave me a total healing and realigned my chakras. Luci and Sam made the space for the retreat very comfortable and I felt safe on many levels to do the inner work I needed for total transformation. Through opening up to other people in the group it built community and connection. Through meditation we were grounded and aligned with nature. We explored movement, yoga and dance to move the energy around. Through music baths I was taken on a journey of my own creative thoughts and imagery of which I will be using in my next paintings. I haven’t been to such a amazing workshop since the 80s and 90s. Thank you so much, and I look forward to more! - JENEIEVE

  • I loved the sense of balance amongst all the souls in the room. We were there to improve something about ourselves. Each to their own desire and degree of sharing. It worked. - JIM

  • The Spark Music Retreat was a wonderful combination of deepening our experience with ourselves, and thus creating a deeper resonance in our being and voices. Though it could be understood at first glance as primarily a musical endeavor, in actuality it went far beyond that. Through guided meditation, movement, sound baths and other means, it worked with each person’s world and evoked the possibility of a more profound understanding and expression therein. The retreat also exemplified the power of community and the wondrous creativity that can emerge from this power. The song sung at the grande finale of the retreat on that Sunday morning was filled with the sweetness and depth of our experience together; a gorgeous and love-filled sound indeed! Sam and Luci led the workshop so beautifully. Their obvious great talent, along with deep care, infused the experience with this care. Thank you. - ANNIE