light elixir wedding

We did it! We are married!

Universal love converged for us on our wedding day! With an 80% chance of rain predicted, and a weird tropical depression stationed on top of St. Augustine for the previous several days, I barely slept listening to the torrential downpours all night. I jolted awake at the first sound of silence, 5:27am, and went outside to watch the sunrise, seeing clouds and sky changing before my eyes. I wrote my vows under the shifting weather to the person I would be adventuring with for the rest of my life. The only paper I could find was the inside of a unicorn napkin, a detail adorning our well-decorated bridal party house thanks to maid of honor, Alexa Goddard. Flowing fairly freely the words were set, the day unfolded in surprising ease and sweetness, and the weather evolved into crystal blue bliss. We have photos to show it!

Thank you Rob Futrell Photography for your great attention to all things beautiful. Thank you Kim Ramsey and Nathan Godley for anchoring in the sacred energies, thank you Fountain of Youth and Coastal Celebrations for all your perfection. Thank you especially to my parents for being so beautiful and fun, my new mother in law for being such a sweet and wise angel, and to all you love beings who were there in the flesh and in spirit! Truly, I am breathtaken to have known such a special experience in my lifetime.

More to come, but first things first - a few pictures!

May you be blessed with great tree energy and beautiful blue skies. And unicorns!



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